5 Benefits of Marketing Automation

By Griffin Hoard

Like in 2022, Marketing Automation will continue to disrupt the digital marketplace in the year ahead, and by adopting it, you’ll help arm your sales and marketing teams with the best next-generation tools available for working smarter, not harder- all while helping to accelerate the sales cycle.

These sales enablement tools positively impact businesses in countless ways, but for now, we’re going to focus on these top 5 benefits:

• Increased Efficiency
• Improved Customer Relationships
• Cost Savings
• Quicker Lead Conversion Times
• Enhanced Marketing ROI

Following is a brief explanation of the why & how of each to give you a better understanding of how Marketing Automation is transforming marketing as you know it.

Increased Efficiency

The first benefit of Marketing Automation is that it significantly increases your business’ efficiency. With all your important data in one place, MA software makes it easy to manage email/social campaigns and streamline workflows. Integration of the software & your website also makes it easier to track campaigns more effectively. With easier access and management of the data that matters, Marketing Automation frees up time for other important tasks and gives you better insight into reaching the right people and promoting your business at the right time.

Improved Customer Relationships

With more time on your hands, you have the opportunity to focus on diving deeper into your data. Customer Data speaks for itself; with it you learn which marketing processes work best and what you need to improve on because you’ll know who your customers really are and what they truly want. With that information you’re able to give your customers high quality, personalized service on a more consistent basis.
Ultimately, marketing automation is about making your customers feel appreciated. And that increased satisfaction in turn helps boosts customer loyalty, which is rewarded with repeat business and a broader revenue base.

Increased Cost Savings

Ever heard the phrase, “Time is money?” Well, Automation is GREAT at saving you time. With better data from automation, you’re granted more time to focus on building an effective campaign from the get-go. It also saves money by cutting down on costs associated with customer interaction. Automation software is built to keep customer communication flowing without the need of additional staff, thus reducing operational cost while increasing profit margins.

Quicker Lead Conversions:

Who doesn’t want to accelerate their sales cycle by converting more leads, faster? Marketing Automation software enables you to create drip campaigns that are programed to automatically respond to certain actions when a prospect shows interest in your products or services. Based upon their specific actions (clicks on an email, fills out a form on your website), the system instantly notifies the sales team with relevant, real-time data so they can instantly follow-up and convert the sale.

Enhanced Marketing ROI

Lastly, Automation boosts your marketing ROI. All you have to do is integrate your CRM and website. Integrating the two helps you identify which leads are likely to convert and gives you a clear view of which marketing actions are boosting your bottom line.

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