Celebrating Excellence: d2 Digital Designs Wins Web Excellence Award for EyeQ Monitoring Rebranding Launch 

We are proud to announce that d2 Digital Designs has won the prestigious Web Excellence Award for our exceptional work on the EyeQ Monitoring Brand Launch. This recognition underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation in web design and branding.

Award-Winning Project: Creating a New Brand Identity and Digital Ecosystem for EyeQ

EyeQ Monitoring, an Atlanta-based company, partnered with d2 Digital Designs to rejuvenate their brand and create a dynamic go-to-market strategy. Our team implemented targeted campaigns across social media, digital ads, and SEO to attract a new website audience.

By leveraging marketing automation, we seamlessly funneled leads into the sales pipeline. The results were astounding: EyeQ Monitoring’s team grew from 30 to nearly 150 members, solidifying their leadership in virtual security across multiple industries and enabling them to deliver automated, personalized guest services to over 300 car dealerships nationwide.

“At d2 Digital Designs, we’re committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients and pushing the boundaries of digital design and marketing,” says d2 Founder and President, Darjon Bittner. “We’re incredibly grateful to the Web Excellence Awards for this recognition and to EyeQ Monitoring for their collaboration and trust. Together, we’ve achieved remarkable success, and we’re excited to continue creating award-winning work in the future.

“I am thrilled to celebrate D2’s well-deserved award for their exceptional work with EyeQ Monitoring,” said Russ Sauve, Digital Marketing Manager for EyeQ Monitoring. “This recognition is a testament to their hard work and dedication to innovation!”

About the Web Excellence Awards

The Web Excellence Awards are dedicated to recognizing those who epitomize excellence on the web, showcasing extraordinary talents and achievements. Our project has earned a well-deserved position among the finest on the web, marking a momentous honor for our team.

The 12th season of the Web Excellence Awards was highly competitive, with over 950 entries from 27 countries across five continents. Participants hailed from countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This global participation highlights the celebration of talent, diversity, innovation, and creativity that the awards represent.

About d2 Digital Designs

For over 20 years, d2 has been the innovative driving force behind the transformational growth of more than 300 best-in-class B2B businesses nationwide. Our team of expert writers, designers, photographers, videographers, and technologists give business a competitive edge through leading-edge marketing automation tools and strategies necessary to achieve next level success. Each day, we strive to create a culture of excellence in everything we do to deliver the expertise, agility and return-on-investment our clients both appreciate – and deserve.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from d2 Digital Designs as we continue to innovate and excel in the digital space!